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7th October 2012

1:31am: DevOpsDays Rome - a great experience
Ciao! Come va.


Turns out that the cosmos was beaten / it took a hit, I actually made it to DevOpsDays Rome.

The pre-cursor days have been a boon that slipped in during planning. Allowed me to settle down.

Day 1:

Formal shirt - check.
Pizza slice - check.

5th morning I walk into the venue to find it teeming with DevOps. Seeing familier faces right out of twitter made me comfortable. Kris and Patrick had done a wonderful job.

The sponsors mainly IBM [ http://www.ibm.com ] was very generous the previous evening.

Got my trip's worth right when Mark Burgess gave his presentation about Relationships ............ went on to connect to DevOps. But after stoking humane aspacts all to way thru to relationships with machine.

Mandatory humor line at this point:

* The challenge for a human as a significant other now is to be more interesting to another than his or her smartphone. *

Go figure!

Loved the way it was explained - How to sermon the legendary 'What is DevOps ?' >> start with WHY, then HOW finally the WHAT. Perfecto.

Monitoring sucks!(TM) LOL. :-)

The lightening talks were like short firecrackers. So awesome, brainstorm in few mins, overwhelm folks like us. Done. Loved them.

Then the OpenSpace interaction philosophy is close to BarCamps but nevertheless it was interesting.

The Culture discussion dominated for the most part of it, or so it seemed. Hallway conversations took over. People socialized.

The prime time for beer had arrived. We made our way to Ketumbar [ http://www.ketumbar.it ], had a field day discussing with new found peers.

Call it a day? Si, sinore.

Day 2:

Lazily made it to the venue.

Mandatory pizza on the way. That excellent espresso shot at the venue. That was a given, na? :-)

The talks began. Loved the talk where the slides were made by the child. Wifi experince was a bit better.

The lightening talks again added the sparks.

Did I mention the yummy lunch? That rice in rich cream is something which I will never forget. That also applies to the white soft but stubborn cheese slices. :-) Many will remember that.

Largely both the days the the menu remained the same. It was great.

Looks like socializing had taken a better turn, today not as many people were seen with the OpenSpace. They preferred peers with similar interests. Well, that is what these events are for.

The day ended with groups headed to the Rome bus tour, pub'n'dinner. Many actually headed to the airport, trains and the buses.

Short, sweet an memorable.

Thanks you sponsors and the core DevOps team for making this happen.

Perfecto! Gratzia te.



PS: Did I mention Mark retweeted me? ;-)

6th August 2010

9:21pm: Nokia firmware upgrade - an experience (to loath for this time)!
I recently was served a lot of love by my Nokia E63 while trying to upgrade its firmware. Just documenting it here, it will help somebody someday. Do read this article in full before attempting anything written here. Anything not mentioned as safe is destructive by default. When in doubt, don't try! You are responsible for your actions. You are warned.

What you will need:

  • A nudge tweet from initrd indicating a new firmware is available, actually no, you can do without. You can look it up yourselves here .

  • Some lethargy, actually no, you can do without.

  • Put necessary things in place like, 'fully charged phone'. See below list.

  • Data cable.

  • Time to back-up.

  • Upgraded Nokia PC-Suite.

  • Upgraded Nokia Ovi Suite.

  • Fully charged phone.

  • Memory card with enough space for data backup.

  • Accessibility to Google.

  • Decent bandwidth to download updates. They are big by the standards of your phone memory size. 100MB on an average.

  • Redundant powered / laptop running Windows.

What you need to do:

  • Choose a convenient time ( a few hours, in case things go bad like it did with me), 45 mins for smooth upgrades.

  • Before the time arrives, read about backing up.

  • Before the time arrives, restoring the backup.

  • Before the time arrives, charge the phone in full.

  • Before the time arrives, use code *#0000# on the phone to see the firmware details and write it down.

  • Before the time arrives, charge the laptop / UPS in full.

  • Before the time arrives, backup the card, first.

  • Before the time arrives, backup the phone to the card. Delete some data if you need more space. Don't ignore this! Hint: go for MP3s first.

  • Before the time arrives, backup to laptop first.

  • Before the time arrives, upgrade PC Suite to the latest.

  • Before the time arrives, upgrade Ovi Suite to the latest.

  • Times have changed you need to upgrade the phone firmware using Ovi Suite. Fire up the Ovi suite.

  • Before you start with the process please, remove the memory card so that nothing overwrites on that for any reason.

  • Go to menu Tools > Software updates.

  • Follow the flow. Conect the phone, mouse clicks as appropriate ...

  • It will download the Nokia phone Software updater. Then the firmware itself. Then write it to phone.

  • Simply put as a process. It will 'update the firmware'. This is a 'one-flow-process'. No part processes. No disconnecting on the phone.

  • If 'all iz well' then you should be stopping about here and use the Ovi suite to restore your backup. Will not be writing about restoration.

  • Before you restore use code *#0000# on the phone to see the upgraded firmware details.

If you are reading further probably something did go wrong! Sorry for you. :-( Read-on.

Ideas to try when things go bad:

  • You might have partial issues where the basic phone works but other essential (like: GPRS / wifi) / fancy or trivial (like: camera, date, timezone) will be behaving like nuts.

  • For trivial / fancy issues do Google around first before tinkering. Search for the problems faced. Forums will be loud with those if it is a widespread / known issue.

  • For essential stuff you will need to try your hand.

  • Try the upgrading process again a couple of times. It may work.

  • Try restoring backup maybe a couple of times. It may work.

  • Try soft reset by keying in, *#7370#, before you try to restore backup, check to see if your essential part works now, example wifi. Restore backup from laptop.

  • Try hard reset by keying in, *#7780#, before you try to restore backup, check to see if your essential part works now, example wifi. Restore backup from laptop.

  • Try soft reset by keying in, *#7370#, before you try to restore backup, check to see if your essential part works now, example wifi. Restore backup from memory card.

  • Try hard reset by keying in, *#7780#, before you try to restore backup, check to see if your essential part works now, example wifi. Restore backup from memory card.

  • If you reached here, then a visit to a Nokia Care center is recommended.

  • All the best.

Some link I found useful:


Ah! Done.

Wanted to write this so so so much. Nice to find myself at the end of this article.

Do let me know what you feel about this. Have something easier, hints, ideas, lemme know by commenting. Also, let me know if this post helped you.

Current Mood: relaxed

5th August 2010

10:11pm: Job alert: Java programmers required.
Location: Initial position in Hyderabad, later in Delhi.

Qualification requirements:

B.Tech in Computer Science from a reputed college, M.Tech / MS / M.E is a big plus.
Expert in Java development.
Good understanding and experience on Web 2.0 technologies.
Excellent in Data Structures and algorithms.
Excellent problem solving skills.

Compensation is moderate.

Send resumes to


8th June 2010

6:58am: The screen help guide with -> Ctrl A + ?

                                                              Screen key 
bindings, page 1 of 1.

key:  ^A   Literal ^A:  a

   break       ^B b          flow        ^F f          lockscreen  ^X x          
pow_break   B             screen      ^C c          width       W
   clear       C             focus       ^I            log         H             
pow_detach  D             select      '             windows     ^W w
   colon       :             hardcopy    h             login       L             
prev        ^H ^P p ^?    silence     _             wrap        ^R r
   copy        ^[ [          help        ?             meta        a             
quit        \             split       S             writebuf    >
   detach      ^D d          history     { }           monitor     M             
readbuf     <             suspend     ^Z z          xoff        ^S s
   digraph     ^V            info        i             next        ^@ ^N 
sp n    redisplay   ^L l          time        ^T t          xon         
^Q q
   displays    *             kill        K k           number      N             
remove      X             title       A
   dumptermcap .             lastmsg     ^M m          only        Q             
removebuf   =             vbell       ^G
   fit         F             license     ,             other       ^A            
reset       Z             version     v

^]  paste .
"   windowlist -b
-   select -
0   select 0
1   select 1
2   select 2
3   select 3
4   select 4
5   select 5
6   select 6
7   select 7
8   select 8
9   select 9
I   login on
O   login off
]   paste .

Space or Return to end.]

More later!


1st April 2010

12:06pm: Self appraisal!
A little boy went into a drug store, reached for a soda carton and pulled it over to the telephone.

He climbed onto the carton so that he could reach the buttons on the phone.

He proceeded to punch in seven digit phone number.

The store-owner observed and listened to the conversation:

Boy: "Lady, Can you give me the job of cutting your lawn?
Woman:(at the other end of the phone line): "I already have someone to cut my lawn".

Boy:"Lady,I will cut your lawn for half the price of the person who cuts your lawn now."
Woman: I'm very satisfied with the person who is presently cutting my lawn.

Boy: (with more perseverance):"Lady, I'll even sweep your curb and your sidewalk, so on Sunday you will have the prettiest lawn in all of Palm beach,Florida."

Woman: No,thank you.

With a smile on his face, the little boy replaced the receiver.

The store-owner, who was listening to all this,walked over to the boy.

Store Owner:"Son,I like your attitude. I liked that positive spirit and would like to offer you a job".
Boy: "No thanks..!!"

Store Owner: But you were really pleading for one.
Boy:No Sir.

I was just checking my performance at the job I already have.

I am the one who is working for that lady,I was talking to"!

This is what we call "Self-Appraisal"..!!

More later!


17th October 2009

7:37pm: Happy Diwali 09!
Wish you all a Very Happy and Safe Diwali!

Current Mood: festive
6:05pm: foss.in is around the corner!
Just so that I take this chace to publicize teh 'Call for Participation' for foss.in.

Was reading a nice read about hackers - I would like to call it Hacker management 1:1!

Read and enjoy!

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2nd December 2008

11:41am: Alright looks like something is coming!

More later!™

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14th December 2007

11:43am: PHP programmer wanted.
Subject says it all!

If you are a (budding) PHP programmer and are looking for an opening please get in touch with me.

Compensation depends on your profile so it is certainly negotiable.

Please leave a comment if you are interested.


29th November 2007

12:50am: APIC woes!
Yet again on a fresh compile of Gentoo more coz I upgraded my harddrive to 120 GB. Finally! a few GBs available. :-)

Surprisingly, I get a Seagate drive. I was expecting a Hitachi though.

Never mind. The next irritant I found was some error on APIC in my /var/log/messages like this:

Nov 26 17:13:02 killernerd APIC error on CPU0: 00(40)

And used to repeat endlessly.

To fix that I passed a kernel option 'noapic' in my grub.conf

Guess what? That stopped my SiS900 ethernet card to stop working with the following error in /var/log/messages

Nov 28 13:39:25 killernerd kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out
Nov 28 13:39:26 killernerd kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out
Nov 28 13:39:26 killernerd kernel: eth1: Transmit timeout, status 00000004 00000249
Nov 28 13:39:34 killernerd kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out
Nov 28 13:39:34 killernerd kernel: eth1: Transmit timeout, status 00000004 00000241
Nov 28 13:39:42 killernerd kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out
Nov 28 13:39:42 killernerd kernel: eth1: Transmit timeout, status 00000004 00000240

Now I have removed the 'noapic' kernel option. And so ... so ... so ... my Sis900 is back in business (and the earlier errors have also disappeared! :O )

Ah! (auto)Goodie.

More later!™


PS: Wikipedia APIC page.
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26th August 2007

2:20pm: Post India Project - intends to publish a book, please contribute.
Post India

PostIndia is an experiment in collective writing. We wish to write a book that would delve more into the Indian psyche and find of the common threads the runs through the diversity of this magnificent nation. It seeks to tell the story of contemporary India, its bustling cities, its myriad by lanes and of the people that inhabit it.

A lot has been written about India, and a lot more will be, but we wish to explore what it means for you to be part of this country and some place you call home. Tell us about the place you come from, the place you go to work and the people you meet along the way. What you feel is good about the place where you live, what about the country appalls you.

In a place as diverse as ours one could not help but be daubed with colors, black and white, saffron and green, and a multitude of colors along the way. Share some of those shades with us.

You can visit the project at http://postindia.blogspot.com/

Do write back with your views, experiences, photographs and grandmother tales. Spread the word to people who would appreciate the spirit of this project and would like to contribute. You can send in your entries to:


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22nd June 2007

8:05pm: Rain! or Wheeeeee! Rain! ?
* I have now contracted *cough* from my room mate! I am generally a healthy person and pretty resistant to menace like this!

* There is no power - implies my laptop may die any time on me!

* Its raining cat dogs and mouse - I got a an early morning flight to catch. First of all, rickshaws are no longer visible, then rickshaws don’t wanna come to the airport, if they want to come then its at a huge price. Thinking of spending the night at airport itself.

More later!™


PS: All those who yay’d for me on becoming famous. Thanky! :-)
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17th June 2007

1:13am: BarCampPune - A geek's day well spent socialising!
And so the day came to be well spent thus ......

The morning alarm at 6 came in real handy, I actually opened my eyes and shut it off **before** my room mate (who sleeps at the other end of the world in the same house) woke up and did the honours of shutting off! A miracle indeed. I have been a good boy today mommy.

After the geek in me was ready, by ready I mean, laptop, charger, GPRS capable phone and extension cord packed for action. I set out only to be fleeced by the auto guy :( After that I felt I am taking a journey to the ‘other world’. Travelling from Koregaon Park thru Aundh thru Hinjewadi Tech Park seemed like it was taking forever.

I’d like to draw a parallel of Pune with Bangalore of 1998. Pune, as I see, will being to lose the IT players just like Bangalore has coz of infrastructure related problems. The only achievement seems to be the Mumbai Pune Expressway. The road parallel to Yerwada jail leading to Pune Airport is still being made, for the record I recently completed an year in Pune. Pune still has its chance of retaining IT businesses if it acts now.

Ok back to today.

Nevertheless reached that place a bit poorer thankfully not in enthusiasm. The initial minutes were spent photographing the SCIT (wikipedia) campus, which is opposite to the IIIT campus. While IIIT and Symbiosis are no competitors but ‘somehow’ that reminded me of Google opening its offices next to Microsoft. :-) Surprisingly, there was a lot of *professional grade video* converage. Something close to unheard of at BarCamps. Good thing.

Proceeded to the registration. The process essentially was to collect the right size of the T-shirt and some stationary. And then write a banner with your name - meaningless. I immediately made a point with a ‘why’, they wanted to take mug-shots of people, which never happened or I missed it ? Never mind. I think the turn out was great with the numbers being ~200.

The intro-session was nice with opening address by Tarun and his companion. BarCamps have never had that. It made the interaction a nicer experience. Also, people got a chance to ‘broadcast their packets’ and campaign for talks and announce their interests. Pretty cool.

The talks started as per ‘Indian Standard Time’ pretty much inline with BarCamps and Foss.in :-) The first talk I attended was Sulekha.com‘s. It started with a typical ’what is web 2.0‘ and proceeded to how Sulekha was trying to facilitate the same. Good attempt, needs to gain momentum. There were lots of suggestions and ideas gathered and a healthy discussion ensued. Good stuff :-)

The talk that followed that was by Melody. Melodious name! :-) So it has a focus on the downsides to information being available so freely (as both beer as well as freedom). Good case studies, safe language ;-) and presented nicely.

The lunch (menu) was good and just right. A little less spicy would be perfect. :-) Also, a beer would have been appreciated for obvious reasons. I know, I know its NOT a *Bar*Camp! :P

Chatted with Tushar and fixed his Ubuntu laptop. Nice meaningful exchanges.

Then came the smsGupshup.com folks. This is what I would suggest as a product demo. This totally rawked! People registered and created their blogs on gupshup.com all by means of a mobilephone. And yes It worked!™ The product did the talking. All the speakers essentially said were the ’smsGupShup.com n00b HOWTO’. That was it. Great show folks.

Just as I was taking some time off and re-charging my laptop. The Pune LUG folks turned up and gave me PLUG sticker which now my laptop adorns and an OpenSUSE CD. Thanky. :-) I like the gesture.

Then I attended the podcast talk. It was from the publishers of Pune’s first youth magazine. It was a good talk on podcasting for newbies.

And then there were many responses to hire me. Thanks to all who pinged me. Will get in touch soon / wait for your e-mail. :-) It may be important to mention that previously at BarCamps as well I have ended up with *good* job offers. the crowd actually went abuzz when I announced the same. There were many who came to hear my experiences about ‘how to land a job at WhateverCampCity’. I hope it enriched you and opened up possibilities.

Then I had a impromptu chat with Tarun and others. There was this lady I talked to who was a journalist covering the event and she talked to me about the job offers I got. Tarun was interested in ‘what sucked’ today. Guess what sucked? The WiFi. People spent more time fixing WiFi rather than Blog about. And WTH a ***Blog***CampPune without WiFi? So how do you expect them to blog? So not much blogging. Period.

That apart there is an icing on the cake too! Just like the intro session, there was a consensus session at the end. Awesome! The newbies got a general set of action items. I believe there is a follow-up meet as well being planned. I wish people did this at BarCamps as well!

And then there were buses organised. Good thing. Imagine another auto experience ! :( Came back in the company of Anil and another guy (unable to recollect his name :-( ).

Hit back home after being hijacked by my room-mate at Aundh and ended up roaming the *rest of the city*! :(

So one clear chicken soup later I am here fighting (still) Flickr to let me upload my photos! WTF! :( Photos mostly tomorrow.

Ah! Done. I feared that this would also become like my birthday report! :|

Alright. Good night.

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16th June 2007

1:02pm: WTH! Pictures just not happening! :(
Subject says it all ! :(

Hang around!

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11:53am: BlogCampPune
The thaw / intro session was pretty good. I ended up giving a talk ...er ... taking a laaarge amount of time to introduce myself. I ended up cutting my listed points. The ‘whoa’ factor came when I stood up with the points listed on my laptop! :-)

My *all* points are here for people who came looking for them:


Vikrant aka nerdy generally found near a plug-point and in a geek t-shirt with gadgets.

Many blogs, pseudo auto biography, photo-blog, mobile-blog using gadgets not including laptop, tech-work blog. Blogging since 2003.

I try to cover *events live* like currently going on.

Until recently was with Mixercast now looking for a job and currently filling the void by blogging.

Currently, researching various methods of blogging.

My contribution to blogosphere are:

* My own writings.

* Motivated people to blog.

* Motivated people to guest blog on my blogs.

* Organized blogger meets so that people have a face associated with the blog.


How many Vikrants do we have here!


Just now at the Sulekha talk.




I really think I am gonna end up with a job offer! :-)


Hang around for more!


PS: Missing Freeman Murray! :-( Where are you ?
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10:17am: BlogCampPune has kicked off!
So like the subject says BlogCampPune has just begun!

More coming up!

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15th June 2007

11:28pm: BlogCampPune tomorrow!
Catch me tomorrow all day at:

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27th May 2007

3:14pm: Firefox obsession!
Somebody is really obsessed with Firefox.

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7th May 2007

8:46pm: Right! They have elected the right people! WoW!
This sux!

Australian man handed over to the US of A. I find this totally shocking.

* The software was American. => Agreed.

* The crime was committed in Australia => Agreed.

* The criminal (who is now pleading guilty ) is an Australian. => Agreed.

So, the Australian is handed over to the US for serving a sentence even though he has never been to the US.

That is like my parents handing me over to my neighbours to be flogged just because I disrespected their sentiments(as in: akin to software), it resulting in monetary loss, in the privacy of my house and they somehow came to know of it!

The incident in itself is not as horrible, what is even more horrible is that the article mentions that ‘this sets the example’ to follow for the next crime.

The least I expect is that a criminal will be tried in his home country against a complaint from a ‘representing agency’ from any country, unless the crime was committed in the said another country.

Okie. Said and done. Lets look at the flipside.

Assume it is an American who violated the Australian laws. I am not a lawyer nor have taken keen interest in the Australian laws. Let the US deport *at least one* American to any of the countries. :-)

That is as possible as George Bush standing for a trial at the war crimes tribunal for a hearing! Go figure.

I personally think this incident is more important than some ‘popular HEX digits’. Please digg it here.

Back to work.

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6th May 2007

5:31pm: The next Orkut scam!
By far I guess I am the owner of the India’s largest moderated Orkut community. Today I received some ‘scam-mail’. It looked really really legitimate. It was a call for participating in a survey. I am not the survey types still decided to check it out.

One look at ‘view original’ told me it was a fake. Still ‘copy-paste’d the included URL and whoa! if you are not careful you’ll actually get mistaken for real Orkut page. Of course, the content differs totally. You should be in an absurd state of mind to actually go further on that page.

How many more scams before they safeguard Orkuteers ?

Those of you who have told me to be careful will generally know how many crack attempts to take over the community have happened.

Orkut, by many, is seen as a major time waster. True or False ? Thankfully, mine is not exactly a time-waster! :-)

More info on the scam here.

And .... oh yeah, Stay Beautiful! :-)

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11:01am: And then one for my CEO! :-)
The real blah! \m/

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5th May 2007

10:39pm: New company coming up on the block ?

Current Mood: heh

22nd April 2007

4:24pm: And one for achitnis!

Current Mood: grumpy
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